European Young Engineers (EYE) is an international non-profit organisation (est. 1994) comprising more than 20 European countries that represents about 500,000 young engineers from multiple disciplines. With the aim to connect and encourage more cross-border collaboration between young engineers, political leaders and institutions, the Network of European Engineers in Politics (NEEP), an EYE initiative, was born.

The NEEP connects representatives and policymakers in democratic political institutions of all EU member states (members of the European Parliament, national parliaments, Senate, etc.) having a STEM background with young European engineers.

The main objective of the NEEP is to offer a platform that fosters discussion to incubate ideas and find solutions. Indeed, engineers are key in the process of decision-making by political leaders and public institutions, and can serve the leaders of private companies, social agents and academics with their expertise.

Our Objectives

Share the results and conclusions reached in its activities to national and EU policy makers to help them formulate policies that improve living and working conditions, develop employment policies and promote engineering in different areas of society.

Facilitate the dissemination and sharing of knowledge between people involved in the network at a national and EU level, private companies, social agents and academics.

Promote events that allow the exchange of ideas, support initiatives and defend the interests of young engineers in the national and EU political and institutional context.

The NEEP is an independent initiative of the European Young Engineers‘ volunteers and does not have any political or ideological agenda, nor does it depend on any political party or public institution.

The project is open to engineering students and European professionals of all political orientations in order to create a strong, diverse and interdisciplinary network made up of young European engineers and engineers working in politics.


Productivity Manager at Infineon Technologies


Bioengineering Undergraduate


Doctorate Researcher at UCL


EU Public Affairs Manager at HBA Partners


Innovation Consultant at Corporate Hangar


Civil Engineering Undergraduate

Join the Revolution

The members of the NEEP undertake to promote the objectives of the network expressed in this document, scrupulously respecting the main values on which the European Union is based, enshrined in article 2 of the Treaty on European Union, such as the respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights.